I spend most of my time at Twitter and I find the site more educational compare from my Facebook and Google Plus accounts. Although I admit the fact that I don’t have that huge followers but if you are interested of checking out my tweets you could follow my account @adrianoarwin.

Twitter is an interesting social networking site and I find the site very savvy especially in terms of getting connected with your friends and following interesting people on Twitter.

But aside from getting direct connections with people, Twitter is a wonderful social media site to share your event activities worldwide. Twitter is a big community of different types of people that is why it is important to get familiar on how to use Twitter effectively for your events. To have an idea about what I am saying, I would share with you some of the helpful guidelines that I use on Twitter.

Twitter Guide

Twitters Ultimate Guide for Events

Twitter Account Tips

Don’t use all 20 characters in registering for your Twitter Account Name. Short name works helps your followers to maximize Twitters 140 characters each time they respond from your tweets.

Use hashtag each time you make your campaigns so that people could easily search for your activity and learn about it.

Make a concise BIO and include direct to the point information. Avoid irrelevant information.

Include your website with your Twitter BIO.

The Power of Hashtags

were use to track a specific topic or events of Twitter. It is use to identify Twitter users who were talking about the specific activity. Twitter hashtags are clickable link that opens in a new window and summarizes all tweets that have same hashtags. Twitter hashtags is a great way to categorize tweets for events although it could create great annoyance for your Twitter followers that were not interested with your event.

To make your hashtags more powerful there is these two things to remember. First, choose your hashtags carefully. Try to be creative and catchy, limit your hashtag as short as possible without sacrificing its objective. Remember, Twitter only allows 140 characters and I am sure you wanted your audience to participate with your activity without them having difficulties on figuring what they wanted to tweet.

Promote your hashtags by including it each time you make an event update but make sure it does not look spammy so that you could avoid your followers to be annoy.

Bonus Twitter Guide

How to get more Twitter followers

Tweet from your heart. Twitter is about reaching out for people and building your reputation. People follow you because they wanted to hear something from you remember that.

Reach out. Answer your follower questions, share helpful tips from the field that you are good at and try to build a good relationship.

Lastly, Tweet regularly.

Final Thoughts

Believe me, there is more than this that is why it is important to remember that you should never stop discovering new ideas. Learning never stops, guides grow and you must learn how to understand what works with you. Remember, if it works for me it will sure work for you well too. Don’t limit yourself to learn new stuffs.

Let me know what you think?