The widespread usage of smartphones and tablet devices has brought about massive change in the way we do business. While once we had to use long, drawn out methods – today, that is no longer the case – a phrase that often be heard is ‘there’s an app for that’. Of course, one such place where apps really come into their own is events. The arena of events and the convenience of an app go hand in hand, superbly complimenting one other. An app will be of great benefit to your event planning.

Of course event apps aren’t anything new. Over the last few years they have been done, but there have been many cases where they haven’t been done well. While you won’t be the first to create an event app, you still could be an innovator. To create the ultimate event app, consider the following points:

Ultimate Event App

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Think About Who The App Is For

The first thing to realise is the app is not for you. The app you are creating is for your delegates. Those who will be attending your event will be the ones who take the time to download the app; they will be the ones giving it the time and attention to put it on their mobile device. If it isn’t worth that time and attention, it will be quickly and ever-so easily deleted.

So you know what the app should include, you should start asking yourself questions about the people who will be likely to attend your event. Think about the following questions:

– What is the average age of this audience?
– Do they come from technology-based backgrounds?
– Do they come from innovative industries?
– Will they be well-versed in the use of apps?
– Will your audience be made up of people who already know each other or will your event be an opportunity for networking?

Thinking about the age and background of your attendees will give you a good idea of the complexities of the app. Ultimately the app should be easy to use but if you are communicating to an audience who aren’t used to technology, this should be made even more user-friendly. While if your event will be used as an opportunity for networking and making new connections, why not help your delegates out by making your app a social platform that enables delegates to connect with one another?

Consider The Content That You Present Within The App

While you want your app to be incredibly informative, you don’t want it to become too large that you end up losing focus. Your app should be in place to answer your delegates’ questions and quickly provide them with information; it’s not a place to contain never-ending documents.

Bear in mind that the screens of mobile devices are small so ensure the app contains content that is concise, to the point and can be easily scanned.

Of course, the content should also be relevant and regularly updated, and also should tally with the information presented on your website.

Consider offering useful information that is not directly related to your event but takes care of your delegates. Such examples include information that you would have considered when you were venue finding, such as the details of taxi companies, hotels and restaurants in the area.

Ensure That People Know About Your App

There’s no good creating an excellent app that no one downloads. Ensure that it is highly publicised well before your event by advertising it through every channel. To gain maximum downloads, make sure there is a link on your website so that tablet and smartphone users can directly download it, put a banner promoting it on every email you send out and be sure to send out regular social media updates.

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