Planning a wedding is difficult and planning a wedding abroad is the biggest challenge for any bride and wedding planner. Because the location is not near, you’ll need to worry about many factors that are not in your control and plan for solutions if something goes sour. But before you set the date and start planning you’ll need to educate yourself on the procedures and laws of the country where you plan to marry.

Who Will Plan It?

There is a couple of ways you could do this and the easiest is having the wedding and reception held at the hotel. You will have less to worry about since the guests will all be staying at the hotel so they don’t have to find the venue or wander off somewhere. The second option is hiring an experienced wedding planner. You could hire one in your own country, or a wedding planner from that country or both. The wedding planners have the experience and will know what could go wrong plus they know marriage laws. It a good idea to have an abroad wedding planner since they know a lot about their country. For example, A Wedding Planner in Sydney knows where beach wedding venues in Sydney has an indoor option in the off chance it rains. And your last option is to be your own wedding planner but you’ll need to be prepared for being online searching for information, being on the phone, sending numerous emails and a language barrier.

Wedding Abroad

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The Cost

Figure out a budget and stay on track by never adding more expenses. It’s normal for you to want to add more to the wedding, but the budget will grow due to unforeseen expenses so don’t expand it unless it’s absolutely necessary. When abroad weddings are planned it is usual that the bride and the groom are the only ones that travel, but if you want your family members and friends to be a part of your wedding bear in mind that the wedding could cost less abroad. Many will give you a good deal if more people are present at the wedding.

Legal Area

Many countries require that the bride and groom need to be in the country for a specific period of time before they tie the knot. For example, French law states that either the bride of the groom need to be in the country for 40 days, and then you have countries like Scotland that do not have such a law. In Greece, you need to place a wedding announcement in the paper before you say ‘I do’.

Some countries regard a religious marriage as a valid one while some don’t, also some require you to first have a civil ceremony performed. If you decide to marry in a church be sure that you’ll probably have to meet all the requirements for a civil wedding.

The most difficult thing is getting all the paperwork in order and ready for your wedding day. Get a list of the documents needed, start collecting them and you will probably have to get them translated. Also, dig through the internet to check if the city you’re marrying in needs more documents than what the country requires. Look at when you can file paperwork at the government office and if the civil ceremonies are only held on certain days.

Final Thoughts

Wedding is one memorable event in our life, it’s a special day of our life. Each of us have our own dream wedding. There are a lot of different ways for us to celebrate this special day and choosing an Abroad Wedding is absolutely one unforgettable moment. –

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