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As the Internet technology continues to grow, staying in touch with the right sources can be a daily job. When it comes to choosing your wedding bouquet types, the internet is a very valuable tool in today’s society. These days with the advancement in the technology and e-commerce, buying flowers for our wedding bouquet or ready-made wedding bouquet is just a few minute task. Wedding flowers bring the whole picture together with their bright colors and unique style as well as providing sweet scents to whisk through the air on your special day.

Without any doubt, wedding flowers are all about showing off your personal style and creating a beautiful environment for a party. They are not just beautiful and fragrant, but they have the ability to convey your messages perfectly than words sometimes cannot. Choosing beautiful wedding flowers bouquet online is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning.

Many of the online floral designers have a huge collection of flowers according to their varieties, colors from which you can choose to make your wedding bouquet. They also make the beautiful and attractive wedding bouquets as per your requirements.

Wedding Bouquet

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The wedding bouquet is not just a bunch of beautiful flowers tied together, which you have to carry with you at the end of your wedding ceremony. Wedding bouquets are actually a part of a wedding tradition that symbolizes luck and fertility. In the ancient times, usually bouquets were made from very pungent herbs and spices, and there was a belief that carries a strong smelled bouquet was to ward off the evil spirits.

But nowadays this tradition is followed only for adding the beauty and show your personal style. So, that’s why all the brides want to carry the wedding bouquet during their wedding ceremony. Here is a list of basic bouquet types, now it’s all up to you to decide that which type is perfect to express your style.

1. Cascade Bouquet

This bouquet gives the waterfall effect and the flowers are arranged to look as if they are flowing over the bride’s hands and down towards her feet. At the top, it is round in shape, but pointy at the bottom. It is also known as shower bouquet and it is very traditional and stylish form of wedding bouquets.

2. Nosegay Bouquet

Nosegay or round cluster of flowers or tussy mussy bouquet is a very trendy style of a bridal bouquet. This bouquet consists of a small, tightly packed group of flowers that all are cut to the same length and all the stems are wrapped tightly with the ribbon. This type of bouquet is a small round shaped bunch of flowers and herbs, often consisting more greenery than other bouquets.

3. Hand-Tied Bouquet

The design of this bouquet is round and small and has become a most popular bouquet type. As the name suggested, it is a bunch of flowers with stems that are grouped together in an unstructured way and tied with a ribbon or lace. It is also known as Posy bouquet and can easily be held in one hand. Flowers are arranged to show the natural growth of the stems and greenery.

4. Pomander Bouquet

This type of bouquet is a perfect ball of flowers that is usually carried with the help of a loop of ribbon that can be hung from the bride’s wrist. The floral pomander ball is also known as the kissing ball and can look very romantic and youthful of a bride. This bouquet can take the form of a tightly arranged round posy of flower buds with a little space between each petal.

5. Composite Bouquet

In this bouquet, hundreds of single petals of different flowers are wired together on a single stem and it looks like a giant flower. This can be expensive, but adds an elegant touch to your wedding ensemble. It is the perfect option for those brides who wants to carry a vintage-style bouquet. This gorgeous bouquet is also known as Glamelia.

There are so many styles of wedding bouquet are available in the market, but few of them are listed above because they are mostly used and famous. All the above-mentioned bouquets give you a striking shape during your wedding ceremony.