Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding, but we all know perfect doesn’t really exist. Are you getting scared because a disaster might flip your big day upside down in an instant? Hopefully the whole day passes without a glitch and you begin your new life with a smile on your face, but it’s always better to be prepared so we’re going to look at some wedding day disasters other people have experienced. By arming yourself with this fountain of knowledge you’ll know what kinds of things can go wrong.

An Exploding Cake

If you drop some random food on the floor it won’t matter, but there is definitely one thing you need to protect with your life. If the wedding cake explodes as it hits the floor it will cause all sorts of trouble. You won’t be able to take a photo of you cutting it up, plus I’m sure a few of your guests will be unhappy if they don’t get to eat any. Make sure everyone is very careful when they’re standing around the table and everything should be okay.

Wedding Day Disaster

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A DJ Disaster

I’m sure the DJ will respect the fact your wedding is an important day, but for them it’s just the same as any other day of the week. That means he might not even check his equipment before he leaves home. Why would he when it’s been working properly for the last few years? Something terrible is going to happen eventually when he is in the middle of a set, but you can stop it from happening to you by hassling him to double-check everything before your big day.

Bloody Dance Floor

When women go to a wedding they want to look as sexy as possible and this usually involves wearing the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. They forget what is obviously going to happen after they’ve had one too many drinks. They’ll whip their shoes off so they can dance like a crazy person without hurting their feet, but what if someone has dropped their glass next to the dance floor? You need people to be careful otherwise you’ll end up with blood everywhere.

Flood Damage

Never assume a natural disaster won’t affect your wedding because they do ruin quite a lot every year. When you’re choosing a venue you might not want to choose one outside if it’s too close to winter because you might find it’s flooded on your big day. Can you imagine people having to walk across the grass if they’re wearing high heel shoes? You don’t want to throw your party in a basement either because they’ve been known to flood in old buildings.

The Flying Veil

This won’t ruin your wedding like the other things we’ve spoken about, but you could still end up with egg on your face. If you’re wearing a long veil you might feel your head getting tugged back when someone stands on top of it. Hundreds of people will be staring at you as it’s ripped off your head. If you’re lucky you might be able to compose yourself and put it back on, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones it could rip your veil to threads.

Don’t Hold Your Breathe

Can you imagine what you’d do if anything so unexpected happened to you? Maybe you’ll just get lucky and have a makeup disaster, or perhaps you will lose the rings. I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for something really bad to happen because it won’t. You will end up getting drunk and dancing the night away then you will be brought back down to earth when you wake up the following morning with a sore head. – EventChecklist.net

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