The wedding day is certainly a big day for the two most special person of the day – the bride and the groom. Most of the brides have the wish that their wedding must be like the ones as pictured in a fairy tale, where the bride is walking through a luminous, lush garden on her wedding day. As a result, in order to meet up with the expectations, there is a lot of pressure on their near and dear ones for arranging the perfect wedding and especially for the perfect wedding floral arrangement.

The wedding flower arrangements generally depend upon the personal preference, the theme of the wedding, the seasonal variety of flowers in the stock and most importantly the budget constraints. So, it becomes important to consider all these features in mind before planning for wedding floral arrangement. Also, opting for a personalized floral arrangement is a wise choice in terms of making it budget-friendly. As a result, to make this simpler, one of the most popular event florists is revealing some of the best secrets for saving big on wedding floral arrangements. Let us have a quick look at that:

Wedding Floral Arrangement

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Choosing The Most Eye-Catching Venues

Look for one of the most visually appealing and interesting wedding destinations. It should be really unique that consists of lots of built-in charms. Also, this would be great as lesser usage of floral decorations would do and also it will allow the guests a chance to explore. Look for any historical church or a quaint country inn or even botanical gardens as your alluring wedding destination.

Go With The Seasonal Flowers

It would be great if you opt for the locally grown seasonal flowers as the wedding floral arrangements. This will help you in saving a big amount of money. If you love any particular flower that is not seasonal then go you can just have a bouquet with your favourite bloom to carry with you at the altar.

Appropriate Usage of Natural Elements as Supplements

Look for the green foliages like the small herbs along with twigs, leaves as well as other natural elements that can complement with the bridesmaids’ bouquet and the table centrepieces. Appropriate usage of these natural elements will certainly add additional depth as well as an attractive texture of different colours to your wedding arrangements.

Be Specific About the Budget

It is necessary to be clear and specific with your wedding floral arrangement budget and its related different types of styles and colours. This is the most prominent factor as if you will ignore the budget; it is possible that you may end up with the wedding arrangements that could be unaffordable.

Keeping the Arrangement Simple and Sleek

While hiring for florist services for wedding floral arrangement, remember that you are not just paying for flowers. Instead, you are actually paying for the stunning floral arrangements that involve florist’s time as well as craftsmanship. As a result, in order to cut down the costs, you could opt for the simpler and loose arrangements that would provide classic and balanced look to the venue.

Look for the DIY Elements

You can use different DIY elements as the focal points in the wedding ceremony. This could be lanterns, candles or even books that will help in scaling down the floral arrangement part. This would greatly reduce the additional cost involved with wedding arrangements.

Schedule your Wedding Around Christmas or Post-Easter

Scheduling your wedding around the Christmas season or just after Easter signifies that you would enjoy your wedding at the time when the church is already decorated. Ultimately, you just need to arrange for the bridal bouquet, floral head wreath as well as table centrepieces.

So, in order to look for cost-effective weddings, you can focus on the above-listed points and implement the new ideas for wedding floral arrangements.

Photo credit: Vanessa Naylon(license)