Whether you accept it or not, one of the main things people look forward to at a wedding reception is great food. That’s right – no wedding party is complete without treating your guests to some drool-worthy food that is sure to have them coming back for a second helping. There are some amazing food trends you can consider to make sure your wedding stand out, while at the same time ensuring it is fun and impressive. Right from DIY food stations, to canapés, to vegan food, and much more, these are trends that will help you tie the knot in style. Listed below are 4 awesome food trends that will make your wedding an instant hit.


Be it parties or weddings, canapés are a huge hit with the guests. Yes, serving these attractive little sweet and savory bites to your guests alongside welcome drinks is a great way to get your wedding reception started. Canapés might be small in size, but they sure play an important role during wedding receptions. They keep the guests happy and occupied until the main meal arrives, allowing them to mix and mingle amongst themselves over these delicious finger foods. What’s more, canapés are a great way to stop your guests from getting tipsy before they’re served the main meal. You can serve a good mix of vegetarian, meat, and fish, to make sure your guests are comfortable. Right from bacon, to salmon, potatoes, veggies, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc., you can get as creative as you want with your canapés. For those with a sweet tooth, include canapés like mini doughnuts, pies, cheesecakes, fruit fillers, mini cupcakes, and more.

Wedding Food Trends

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Don’t Forget The Vegans

Be it for health, environment, or other ethical reasons, a growing number of people around the globe are turning towards veganism. The vegan trend is catching up in many countries, with more and more couples keeping their vegan guests in mind while deciding the food menu for their wedding reception. Nothing will impress your vegan guests more than being served delicious, elegant, and tasty cruelty-free food on your special day. Try getting hold of caterers or an experienced vegan chef who knows how to whip up some magical vegan dishes for your guests. Or, there a number of easy vegan dishes that you can prepare yourself, impressing your guests with some good old home cooking.

Food Bars

If you’re looking to stay in tune with the latest food trends for your wedding, one awesome trend you can’t afford to miss out on is food bars. Yes, apparently food bars are the new craze in the wedding food trend, changing the way meals are served and presented at weddings. You could create a series of different food stations or bars for your guests, leaving no shortage of delicious options for their taste buds. Catering to every kind of eater, these nifty food bars give your guests an amazing way to customize their menu according to their tastes. What’s more, it’s a great way to bring people together who share the same food choice. To get you started, there a number of incredible food bars you can keep in mind such as a taco bar, bruschetta bar, nacho bar, cupcake bar, pasta bar, noodle bar, sushi bar, burger bar, fruit salad bar, sandwich bar, and so on – the possibilities are endless.

Food Trucks

An ice cream truck, especially if you’re having a summer wedding, is yet another wedding trend that has been doing the rounds off late. Not only ice cream trucks, but food trucks in general, have been a huge hit in the past few years. Food trucks are ideal for outdoor weddings, since they can come directly come to your location. Besides, they’re an awesome way to serve unique, special, and fresh food to your guests on the fly. Be it ice cream, late-night pizza’s, chilled beers, milk shakes, hot dogs, pretzels, pop corn, burritos, milk shakes, chips, or whatever you can think of, a food truck can give a vintage feel to your wedding, taking the celebration to a different level altogether. What’s more, food trucks are absolutely fun and are bound to give you and your guests some unforgettable memories! – EventChecklist.net

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