Everyone’s been to their fair share of traditional weddings where you spend hours waiting around and making small talk with family members you hardly even know. Today, many people are choosing to add something new and perhaps a little unusual to their wedding day to help make it a more memorable occasion.

Adding a new element to the wedding day such as a photo booth or a candy floss stand is sure to make a statement and a great aid when it comes to marketing. One of the best ways to drum up business is by word of mouth, and one way to keep them talking about your wedding event is to let them experience something different.

Unique and Unusual

If you have a product that is particularly unusual in the wedding environment then marketing can be quite hard. The more outrageous, unusual and unique a product, the more people are likely to talk about it and recommend it to others.

For example, having a photo booth simply does not fit into the traditional style of a wedding, but they still go down a treat and work very well. For many people it wouldn’t even cross their mind to have something so different at their wedding, which is why being at an event is a fantastic means of advertising via word of mouth from the guests.

Creates Great Memories

Another fantastic benefit of having something a little unusual is that it creates fantastic and unusual memories. The traditional wedding photographs are all very well, but having some snap shots of guests with candy floss or wearing a brightly coloured hat ready for a photo booth moment is simply priceless.

Wedding Mix

The great memories that unusual vendors can create at weddings are fabulous, and a wonderful selling point. People keep their wedding photos for a lifetime, and often get out the album to show to people. If your entertainment or unique stall is in the mix, it gets people talking and before you know it, more business is flying your way through word of mouth recommendations!


Finally, adding something new and unusual to the wedding mix is a great form of entertainment. We’ve all experienced the awkward moments after the wedding when photos are being taken, or after the reception as the room is being prepared for the evening celebration, but an unusual and unique wedding vendor could fill this time very well.

Guests will be pleasantly surprised if they are constantly met with some form of entertainment throughout the entire wedding day, and this is a great way to get them talking to each other and to others after the wedding day.

Most people know of someone, somewhere who is getting married. The chances are they could be seeking advice from one of the guests who has experienced first-hand what you have to offer. Therefore, making a good impression is simply vital at every event. Marketing via word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of spreading the word about your business, and if the guests are entertained, they are more likely to recommend you.

Final Thoughts

Adding something a little new and unusual to the wedding day is a great idea and one that is becoming more and more popular. It may seem a little hard to come up with that wedding idea, but to be able to come up with something different then word of mouth and personal recommendations are definitely the best thing to go for.

Author Bio

This article has been written by Jenna Evans with the help of Strictly Tables and Chairs – suppliers of banqueting tables and chairs.

Photo Credit: Iain Farrell