Wedding planning is not an easy task as it requires plenty of time just to make sure everything you need to do was given a right amount of time. Be it on choosing your wedding cake, or finding time for your organisation to fit in with the schedule.

For people who opt into the TV programme, Don’t Tell The Bride, they have just a few weeks to plan the stag do, the hen do, the food, the venue, the location, the invites and the clothing. Although it makes for an entertaining programme, it’s just not long enough to get everything absolutely right.

It is achievable to organise a wedding in a few months, but for the best preparation and to ensure everything flows, we suggest choosing a date between 6 months and 18 months away.

Here are some parts of the wedding you should organise with plenty of time:

Wedding Planning

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The Bride’s Dress

This can take one visit to the bridal shop or it could take 20, it completely depends. It is useful to dive head first into this one as soon as possible because you can never put a time scale on finding the perfect item of clothing.

The Venue

This applies to both the wedding venue and the reception. For people that are more organised than yourself, they could have already booked your perfect venue on the day you wanted to get married. If it’s a prestigious place, it could get booked up pretty quickly, so you will need to be pretty sharpish with this.

The Food

Organising the wedding caterer can be a tricky process too. You have to find a credible company, one that can cater for your guests and one that has a varied menu to suit the tastes of your guests. Finding a company suited to your budget could take some time too, so shop around.

The Guest List

Inviting people to your wedding is a lot harder than inviting people to your reception, because it is almost half as many people. So, you will need to think very hard to narrow it down to the ‘important people’ like close friends and immediate family.

These are the four aspects to your wedding that needs to be given a lot of thought, so make sure you spend more time thinking of these than any other part of the big day. –

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