We are now spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a venue for getting married. One sounds better than another; leading to confusion and mayhem. Every couple has an adventurous side, a traditional side and of course a romantic side. As a couple we want all these facets of the personality to be out in the open, for others to gush and get a little jealous about. Hence, the kind of venue you pick for your wedding clearly shows what kind of a couple you are. So, before you select one, check this list out which may help you bring out the side you want to show most.

For the Artsy Couple

If the “we are meant to be” moment for the both of you was taking a trip to the Musée du Louvre, followed by a scrumptious meal with plenty of red wine in a cosy little art café in Paris, then you know you can’t get married in a traditional venue. Getting married in an art gallery is now a reality, you can now marry amidst those walls adorned with art from the renaissance period to contemporary times, beautiful ferry lights and delicious food. A good amount of wine will definitely turn the guests into quiz masters and trivia lords on every piece of art they see. You can also purchase the painting which holds the most meaning for the both of you’ll for your new home. This way the marriage ceremony will always be remembered and the art will be the perfect memorabilia.

For the Outdoorsy Couple

This is no brainer; woods of course, anywhere else these “wildlings” go will be criminal. If you are not too crazy about the whole fine dining thing, a great option will be to just set up the barbeque and serve food, freshly grilled. For fun, you can also make the guests grill their own food and plop those sizzlers straight into their mouths. If you are the adventurous type, which you most definitely are, (hence the woods) you can also set up a bon fire while the sun sets and the bees swarm around lazily. On a mountain, a hill top, or just deep inside the gorgeous greenery, take your pick, read your vows, and party like animals, with the animals.

Wedding Venue

For the Cool Couple

It’s so refreshing to find a bride who isn’t nit-picking on each and every flower design and table cloth pattern. A couple who doesn’t feel the need to call each and every person they have known since infancy and who like to make a vacation of their wedding. Such great people pick the coolest wedding of them all, the destination wedding! Fly in for the weekend, get married and have a great honeymoon, all in one place. What makes this better? The beach of course! Get married with the sand surrounding you, the sun bathing you and the water genteelly splashing outside. If a beach wedding isn’t your dream wedding, then you need better dreams.

For the Tradional Couple

Traditions are the foundation our society is built on. With everybody going fancy, the Chapel is still the most popular and loved place to get married in. The history, the love, and the beauty, you get it all in a pretty church wedding. Surrounded by the people you love, the extended family you haven’t met since you were ten and the vows said before God, the perfect elements that constitute the perfect wedding. This is what a fairytale looks like.

For the Crazy Couple

Your trips include bungee jumping, scuba diving or sky diving at least once, even in the most unlikely places? You do know that it is possible to dive in and read out your vows to each other, inside the water, with the fishes. Team your bridal-dress- swimsuit with the safest underwater gear and get married to the man of your dreams. If you are tired you can always rest against the coral reef standing right behind you, looking pretty.

For the Fun (or Involuntary) Couple

Life is a party. At least that is the motto people should live by. You being one of the forefathers of this motto should up the ante when it comes to your wedding and just marry in Vegas already! Gamble, drink, dance, and attend the amazing shows (magic, music, circus) performed on a regular basis. Las Vegas welcomes all, from “filthy rich” to “just got robbed have only $100 left”. Forget about pesky relatives and unwanted acquaintances; take both your besties and just get married. No minister to officiate the vows? The Elvis impersonator will do just fine.

See the kind of wedding you want according to the kind of couple you are. Make your future as beautiful as the wedding.

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Today’s guest author, Nicola Joseph, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Orpheus, a company that offers Island Wedding packages in Australia. She is an ardent socialite and takes keen interest in fashion. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Rinaldi