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What is Instagram? Instagram is one of the popular apps that were first available for iPhone users. It is a photo-sharing app for mobile users and was recently available for the Android community on April 3, 2012. The app was first launched on October 6, 2010 where it reach App Store number one spot within 24 hours after it was released. Today, Instagram holds the record for the fastest app to reach 1 million downloads.

Instagram is not just another social media platform like Pinterest. Instagram is a photo-sharing app made exclusively for mobile phones but who knows they might have taught of having a slice in the web industry since counter parts of them are doing great like PicYou, PicPlz and Pixlr-o-Matic.

What is Instagram

We are all aware that the Mobile industry is getting a lot of attention especially these days, which is why it is important to take advantage of its aspect to promote your brand and events. Instagram is the counter part of Pinterest in the mobile industry and it is a known fact that there is a boom in the industry which is why it is important to utilize it more just like how Pinterest makes it success in promoting events in the web industry.

How To Make Your Events Popular On Instagram?

There are various ways you could do with Instagram but what I will share with you are the basics stuffs. You read that right, the basic things because these are the stuffs that really works base on my experience.

Event Recognition – Once you are familiar on how Instagram works, the first basic thing you should know is to build a community or be recognize by group of people or individuals by simply sharing your perfectly edited images about your events and try to get their attention.

Social Media Platforms – Instagram allows their images to be shared with other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. To make your Instagram to be socially connected with your other social media network, it is ideal to make sure that your Instagram account is link with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The idea about this is getting your images to be shared to other social media sites every time you make an Instagram update. Have your photos maximize its potential using other social media sites with just one click.

Updates, Updates, Updates – Instagram is very popular and the fact that lot’s of users spend their time checking their apps daily. The trick to get the most of your Instagram visibility is to share constant updates or making regular updates within the day. This will help you have a tighter connection with your targeted consumers. Another thing to remember, use hashtags every time you make an update and I am pretty sure that you are already familiar on how powerful hashtags were especially in terms of information reach out. Right?

Reach Out – One of my favorite social media strategies is the power of reaching out. You could do this by actively participating with other people conversations, hitting the LIKE button, adding them as friends and many more. Direct contact is the most powerful social media strategy to do because this will help your brand/event recognition with other people.

That wrap ups my list of the basic things you could do to take advantage of Instagram’s hype. If you like my post you could follow @adrianoarwin on Twitter and Instagram.

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